Hidcote Calico Jack 
14 months, in august 2016Hidcote Calico Jack 14 months, in august 2016

The Hidcote cattery is located in Germany near Stuttgart and was established in 2004, to create elegant slim orientals of medium size, with green eyes and a narrow, wedge shaped head - not only in the baby age but as adults as well.

Our kittens are well-socialized by growing up in our living-rooms. Adult cats are not caged in our cattery. 

Thanks to careful selection, our cats are PRA negative now. We don't make use of calici, chlamydia or giardia carriers for breeding, even if they seem to be healthy. 

Raising healthy cute kittens takes a lot of hours every day. So we can't spend time for guestbooks, social networks and communities.

Our veterinary health certified and vaccinated kittens do have FIFé pedigrees and are CFA registered optionally.

Colours at this website are always true and never photoshopped.



January 3rd, 2017

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FIFé member



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Hidcote kittens are living in:

Austria - Belgium - Canada 

France - Germany - Italy 

Lithuania - Luxembourg 

Malaysia - Monaco 

Netherlands - Poland - Russia 

Switzerland - Ukraine 

United Kingdom - U.S.A. 


CFA registered

        Hidcote East India in summer 2012, three and a half years Hidcote East India in summer 2012, three and a half years